Szabó Gábor Timur pszichológus Bécsben

Gabor Szabo

counseling psychologist

I was born in socialist Hungary, experienced the fall of the Iron Curtain as a high school student and then came to Vienna. Here, as an apprentice at Julius Meinl on the Graben, I got to know a very different life – and also that life had not exactly been waiting for me. And I learned a lot about the stratification of Austrian society.

Later, I returned to my home country and attended the ELTE University in Budapest, where I graduated as a psychologist and then completed the ELTE-PPK training as a counseling psychologist. 

In parallel, I found my way to postgraduate education at the University of Vienna and the IOA (Integrative Outdoor Activities –, where I successfully obtained the title of „Academic Trainer/Consultant” in 2007.

Since 2000 I have been working with groups using the method of outdoor experiential education, since 2004 as a psychologist with individuals and since 2012 with couples and families.

I have worked with executives of multinational companies as a trainer and coach, in a family support center with children and parents, with long-term unemployed people living with psychiatric diagnoses and in the psychotherapy department of a hospital. Today I work as a psychologist at CEU (Central European University) and in private practice and continue my education in the psychotherapeutic propaedeutic program of ÖAGG.