Psychological counseling

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Psychological counseling can help us with the stress caused by everyday troubles, indecision, or other readily identifiable problems, including coping with life transitions that we all face.

Compared to psychotherapy, psychological counseling deals with more rationally transparent inner conflicts, works mainly with the adult part of the personality, is more limited in time and shorter in duration, and deals with the „well enough functioning personality”.

Its goal is to restore the optimal function and decision-making ability of the personality.

Everyone is an expert for their own life

It is important to emphasize that the counselor does not give direct advice or make decisions for the client; on the contrary, the goal is to help the person regain the ability to make the right decisions about their issues.

I work with a fundamentally person-centered approach, but am infused with a constructivist view of reality, an existentialist view of humanity, and the systemic approach.

According to the person-centered approach...

…in every human being there is a huge potential for self-knowledge and the ability to change in a positive direction.

The supportive relationship is there to unleash those possibilities.

A person-centered helping relationship has three main characteristics:

Empathic understanding

That means, the helper tries to understand the client’s reality as the client experiences it;

Unconditional acceptance

the helper does not try to lead the client towards a universal ideal, but accepts the client as unique, just as he or she is;


the helper does not assume a role, but is present in the relationship with his whole being.

Individual psychological counseling

Life does strange things – sometimes you can use help.

In the development of every human being, crises occur in a predictable way, which bring similar challenges and difficulties for all people.

In many cases, we need external support because our own coping skills are not sufficient. In such cases, psychological counseling can also provide support.

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The most common topics my clients approach me about

…maybe you also bothered by one of these …

I don’t like my job, I want to change it
I am dissatisfied with how I live my life and want to change it
I am lonely but want a relationship
I live in a relationship but we are stuck
have moved to another country and have a hard time to deal with it
I lost someone close to me
I wonder, who am I?
I feel so different from all the others
I define myself as LMBTQ+, but I fear that I will not find understanding in my family environment
my life has changed so fast, i don’t like it
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Couples or family counseling

The constructivists say: „There is no real understanding, only happy misunderstandings”. But as Martin Buber says: „All real life is an encounter”.

When we turn to others, we can suddenly perceive ourselves, and that is the basis of compassion.

In a relationship, in a family, there are many such situations, but our family members are usually very close to us emotionally, which often leads to quick emotional reactions in tense situations.

Mutual understanding and acceptance can be developed, as well as the ability to express oneself and advocate for one’s needs.

These are mutually reinforcing processes that can be easily learned and adapted.