I have been supporting executives as a coach for 15 years.

Coaching for me is about guiding an important person from where they are to where they want to be. I see coaching as an effective, goal- and solution-oriented process. The clearer the goal, the faster we can move forward.

Usually, after one or two goal setting sessions, we can make a significant difference in 3-5 sessions.

I also enjoy providing group or team coaching and prefer to use the GROW model in my work.

Coaching célok eléréséhez - Szabó Gábor Timur

Companies where I have worked as a coach:

Decathlon Hungary

LEGO Hungary

HBO Central Europe

WKW Hungary

(former Erbslöh)

Schaeffler Hungary

(former LuK Savaria)

Topics for Business Coaching

Situational examples in the workplace where I can effectively support managers.

The team is new, you have to build it up.
You are the new leader of an existing team.
They want to be more self-aware and purposeful.
You and your team have a goal to achieve.
You feel on the verge of burnout.
You have been entrusted with a management function for the first time.